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  • Milk

    500 gms pack, 20 packs per Carton

    A unique granulated product with exceptionally good taste,quick dissolving,used to enhance and add value to end products 100%.Dairy Granulated Skim Milk Powder Unsweetened unlike standard spray drying and instant Powder procedures the process involves a unique strict control and drying procedure exclusively developed in Europe by using the latest technology and over 50 years know how,incorporating total health and sanitizing criterea adherence,from the Milk Filtration,Pasteurization to the end packaging of product, all done in house and strictly monitored through out.

    • Neutral Taste
    • No Fat
    • No Tunnelling in product container
    • No Clogging during mixing
    • Anti Vibration whilst not in use
    • No Seeping into bowl
    • No Additives
    • Pure and Natural
    • Gluten Free