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    We have to admit that although we got lots of interests we have really got one true passion: A dark, hot, drink called … COFFEE.

    We love coffee, and we love making it : espresso…mocha….cappuccino…even cold with ice.

    No doubt about it art can’t be taught and talent can’t be learned. It’s fate that decides who to give that instinct and passion to … but its not by chance that you can drink the Espresso Coffee par excellence only through Italian Coffee machines.

    Nothing of what we have experienced during our detailed research into our coffee journey can be compared to the perfection of an Italian cup of coffee.

    Understanding this we realized that we don’t have to research for years to obtain that impeccable Italian taste.

    We started importing Italian machines INSTEAD to get a taste of a true black masterpiece. Here at Coffee Services, the perfect coffee is always at hand. So the next time you enjoy a nice cup of coffee think for a moment about the old sailing vessels that crossed the Mediterranean Sea, loaded with coffee way back in the 16th century.. and be grateful to Prospero Alpino who brought the first sacks of coffee from the east to Italy…

    For us it’s not just about science or techniques ….it’s more about emotions, feelings and nuances that go straight to the heart.

    For us at Coffee Services Coffee has always been a friend, a symbol of the pleasure of getting together, an excuse to catch up and talk… but also to take a break, even alone.



    Admit it! You really can’t imagine life without coffee! We certainly can’t… We know we couldn’t stand even one day without our Coffee Services Espresso Coffee!!!

    If you want your staff or co workers to enjoy the pleasure of this extraordinary drink including the machines and ingredients you have found the most passionate people on the planet.

    For us our cup of coffee is a world of familiar fragrances, an expression of well – being and an inexhaustible source of energy.

    We customize coffee solutions for you as per your requirements. Don’t hesitate to give us a buzz at 0800 837 848 for a perfect cup of Italian espresso.

    All right you call us and we take it from there –

    • We will listen and understand you and your needs
    • Then design a coffee machine solution for your office or business
    • Sign up an agreement with you
    • Bring in the perfect machine or machines for your business
    • Shake hands for a long lasting story of a wonderful taste which will linger in your mouth and heart.

    Not only that we will make sure you had our coffee accompanied your days with an excellent quality service. In fact your staff will really look forward to that sweet moment when they need a break.